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frequently asked questions


Where do I start?

Letting someone into your home and behind the scenes of your daily life is a very personal experience. It’s important that you feel comfortable working side-by-side with the person you’ve hired. I’m mindful of this and so to make things more comfortable, I offer a complimentary in-home consultation where you’ll give me a tour of your space. We’ll discuss your favorite elements, along with the things you wish to change. 

How will this be different?

I have tried to get organized in the past without success. How will this be different?

We all know how to organize to some degree. Most of us have tried to get organized on our own before. We start organizing, but before long it seems that we somehow get interrupted , and start shuffling things around without a plan. 

I love showing people how to stay on task, organize to their intended objective all while working side-by-side with them as we sort and organize their space.   Once we organize together, you can immediately see the benefits of our hard work and you’ll grow more capable of your organizing abilities. 

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

It’s difficult to offer time estimates over the phone because every client is different.  However, I do charge by the hour and recommend working in sessions of 3-4 hours per appointment. This time goes by fast and the progress we will achieve in just one day can be monumental. The total amount of time we work together depends on a variety of factors including how quickly you can make decisions on what you would like to keep and what you are comfortable removing from your space. 

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